Kien Phuc Private Enterprise

Establishment and Development

It was 1976 when Mr Tran Van Thanh first entered the wood industry. After many years of ups and downs in this business, he gained a lot of experiences. He established the KIEN PHUC Private Enterprise in 1990, in which he, the owner and his staff, faculties and employees had to face to many new challenges to survive in the market economy of Vietnam and the world.

KIEN PHUC has staff and faculties who are really professional in woodwork, experience, always listen to and understand worker, good technicians who are enthusiastic, creative, responsible, and always attempt to improve the way of production. And employees who are active, industrious, clever and full of zeal and enthusiasm.

One of the elements that KIEN PHUC Private Enterprise trustworthy and reliable is the need to satisfy and respond quickly to all the requirements of the elaborate products wanted by the clients.

KIEN PHUC has a motto that has been used ever since the company was established:
Trust in KIEN PHUC and you will never be hopeless.